Insulated Roofing And Wall Cladding Panel

Insulated cladding

KS1000RW Ecosafe is a through-fixed composite insulated roofing and wall cladding panel. KS1000RW ecosafe panels are available in a variety of finishes and colours.

  • Used for buildings requiring high performance insulated roofing and wall cladding solutions.
  • Offering combined strength and rigidity with high performance.
  • HCFC free insulation cores produce an innovative insulated roofing sheet and wall cladding product
  • Offering excellent value, assured thermal performance and long-term durability in almost every conceivable application.
  • The integrity of the composite construction, is demonstrated by the product’s compliance with the stringent requirements of CDM, HSE Fragility Tests and Part L amendments, providing safety and performance by design.
  • Substantial cost benefits are derived from the product’s speed of installation, spanning capabilities that optimise structural steel design and the life cycle performance of a product designed to meet ever more stringent building performance standards.
  • HCFC free insulation cores
  • Eliminates cold bridging 100% reliable thermal performance
  • LPCB Insurance Approved

Click here for KS1000RW product data.

Please note : This product can be expensive to manufacture in small quantities and small sheet sizes. For example sheets under 1800mm will be charged at 1800mm and a short sheet cutting surcharge will also be applied. Orders under 50 sq metres will incur a small order surcharge of £115.00 + VAT. 

The following delivery charges apply. For orders over 400 sq metre, delivery will be free of charge. Orders over 150 sq metre upto 400 sq metre @ £175.00 + VAT . Orders under 150 sq metre @ £275.00 + VAT depending on location.


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