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Liner sheets for Steel roofing and Wall Cladding Systems

Liner sheets for steel roofing and wall cladding systems  are available from North West Sheeting Supplies with a standard coating of bright-white lining enamel to the interior. Lengths of up to 6000mm can be supplied.

Span Capabilities

In roofing conditions, the span capabilities of the lining panels are largely dependent on the weight of the insulation they are required to support. In normal situations double spanning capabilities of up to 2 metres can be achieved.

Double Skin System

The lining sheet can be used with roof and wall panels, insulation and spacers from North West Sheeting Supplies to provide a double skin cladding system.


North West Sheeting Supplies lining sheets can be supplied for specialised acoustic applications with perforations in the flat sections and V’s of the profile rib. These are designed to meet the demand for noise reduction in factories and public buildings, Perforated lining panels achieve a high degree of acoustic absorbency in comparison with the reflective surface of the plain metal sheeting.


North West Sheeting Supplies NWSSL20 can also be curved for use with curved outer sheets manufactured in profiles NWSSR32 and NWSSR34.

The profiles of the liner sheets are shown below:

Please Note:  The White colour on the NWSSL32 Liner Sheet is to the underside of the sheet and not to the top of the sheet as shown in the diagram.

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NWSSL20 Liner Sheet

 NWSSL32 Liner Sheet

NWSSL32 Liner Sheet