Roof Flashing and Roof Trims

Roof Flashing, Roof Trims, Ridge Capping, Verge Flashing, Drip Flashing, Eaves Flashing, Corner Flashing, Abutment flashing

FlashingsMoores Profiles offer a complete range of Roof flashings and Roof trims.

These include Ridge, Verge, Drip, Eaves and Gutters. It is important that these are versatile and practical, but perhaps the ability to enhance the appearance of any building is of prime concern.

In addition to Ridge, Verge, Drip and Eaves samples shown opposite, other Roof flashings and Wall flashings can be made to individual requirements.

Some flashings are called a closed flashing, for example:

  1. Horizontal Drip (no 4)
  2. Enhanced Verge/Barge (no 7)
  3. Parapet Cap (no 3)
  4. Head Jamb  (no 2)
  5. Cill Flashing (no 6)

This type of flashing cannot over lap each other to form a good joint, therefore a butt joint is recommended. This is created with a butt strap that is usually a similar shape and only 150mm wide, the butt strap sits behind and supports the adjoining flashings, to give a flush appearance of the joint.

To obtain prices or order any roof and wall cladding flashings, please supply a sketch similar to those shown below, including all dimensions and angles.

Please call us on 01282 864550 or 07816 440012 for more information, or use our contact form.


Flashing in detail


Welt edge

Welted / Safe edges can be applied to all flashings. This is where the edge of the flashing along its length, is bent over on itself (see above). This type of edge gives a more professional and rigid finish, which helps to further enhance the building envelope.

We are also able to supply both insulated gutters and single skin gutters, for valley or boundary wall locations.


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