Roofing Sheet Profiles

Full details of our standard range of metal roof sheet profiles are shown in this section. Details of shape, dimensions, weight and typical data of the different box profile types and products are included.

  • The roofing sheets are available in a choice of finish, colour and thickness. For roofing a .7 gauge is the recommended thickness.
  • Please click on the links below to see the different standard ranges.

Please call us on 01282 864550 or 07816 440012 for more information, or use our contact form.

NWSSR3232mm metal roof sheet Profile
NWSSR3434mm metal roof sheet Profile
NWSSR3838mm metal roof sheet Profile
NWSSR2424mm metal roof sheet Profile
NWSSRSteelSixBig 6 corrugated metal roofing
NWSS1353R13.5 3 corrugated metal roofing


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